Wednesday, September 8, 2010


My brother is not what you would call a calm man by any means and neither is his wife, especially when something is wrong. This is probably one of the silliest things that I have heard in a while...
Yesterday my brother was working with some heavy machinery and couldn't hear very well when he answered a call from his frantic wife screaming and sobbing crying "EMERGENCY... THE WATER IS BROKE IT HAS BROKEN... EMERGENCY" (Note Rita is very Russian and hard to understand when she is upset and VERY pregnant her Oct 1st due date is rapidly approaching but she is HUGE so the baby could come really at any time)
Jared freaks out and runs into the office and screams for my mother to "COME NOW THE BABY IS COMING RITA'S WATER BROKE" there were a lot of expletives that I left out but that is the basic gist of what was screamed. So my Mom tells him to calm down even if her water has broken the baby isn't going to fall out on the floor, which totally pissed Jared off because he was already so riled up.
He was speeding home and my mother jumped in her car to meet him there and to pick up Anastasia while they headed to the hospital. Unbenounced to her there was another phone call to Jared from Rita on the drive over about what was really going on....
My mom walks in the door and yes there is water on the floor, A LOT of water on the floor way too much to be the early birth of her second grandchild. She starts laughing, as Rita yells from the bathroom "JARED I TOLD YOU ON THE PHONE I FOUND THE PLUNGER"
Rita was not in labor and HER water hadn't broken, the EMERGENCY was that the toilet was over flowing and she didn't know how to stop it and the water was going everywhere. Which it had, it was clear out into their living room.
My mom just laughed and laughed because this was soooo silly... I guess it was kind of an Emergency because Rita didn't know what to do but what a funny moment to be met with a monstrously pregnant woman wielding a plunger after her frantic call totally confused why everyone was ready to go to the hospital.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh the Grocery Store line....

I have become intrinsically aware of what it is like to NEED a treat!! I have always been a person who loves treats but lately the love for them has turned into something new being 5 months pregnant I NEED treats!!!
It has only been in the past few weeks that I haven't been really sick from my little "womb-mate" now that the sickness has passed (for the most part) I have a non-stop desire for dough-nuts, pie, milkshakes, brownies, slushies, and anything else that is sweet.
I keep seeing this stupid commercial for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I am totally a sucker for commercials and had to make a trip to the store. I of course found several other items that sounded so good to my pregnant self that were necessary to purchase.
While standing in line to pay for my items I was sandwiched between 2 older women.
The lady behind me proceeded to put her items on the check stand behind mine and as she put up her single serving TV dinners and her small portions of everything else she laughed and said "Wow... you can tell that I am alone"
I giggled then looked down at my heaping pile of treats including Strawberry Rhubarb pie, chips, a doughnut, and cereal and sighed and said
" WOW... and you can totally tell that I am pregnant"

Hot Tub!

Who knew that a hot tub would be so easy to come by? If your name is Samantha Buchanan it happened in 5 easy steps!
  • Step 1: Have friends who convince you Beer Fest is a good idea
  • Step 2: Drink a few "hard" lemonades as you walk in (Sam is not a "seasoned" drinker a few hard lemonades is a LOT)
  • Step 3: Stumble to the booth and write your name on a piece of paper and scribble "I want an effing hot tub!"
  • Step 4: Come home and barf your guts out because your hard lemonades on an empty stomach and wondering in the heat didn't sit well
  • Step 5: Get an early morning phone call from a radio station and screech "I WOOOONNN A HOT TUB AT BEER FEST!?!?!"

Seems to me that is the best hangover remedy ever! It was so funny to hear Sam literally scream at the top of her lungs that she won. Because she was going to school at nights and didn't get home until 10:00 or 11:00pm my little sister is not a morning person. Morning to her is like at the earliest 11:00am, so to hear her up at 7:00 am SCREAMING from the basement was really shocking. I thought that she might have hurt herself or something but then she came running up the stairs " I WON A HOT TUB FROM BEER FEST!!" was so funny. I have never seen her that animated especially in the AM.

It has been fun to have the hot tub and my mom LOVES it she hot tubs pretty much every day, although she doesn't love that her "baby" won it while intoxicated.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almost done... Dog

So my little sister is nearing completion of Cosmetology school. I am so proud of her! She took her written exam and nailed it! She took the practical boards last week and now is the waiting game for that little piece of paper in the mail that says "Pass" or "Fail" I am sure that she did great but waiting totally sucks!

I will kind of miss the silly stories of the things that happen at her school. Sam is one of those who marches to her own drummer if you will. Durring spirit week where each day was given a theme that you could dress up in to divert from the dress code. On Hawaian day instead of a hula skirt, lay, or some other traditionally thought of Hawaiian garb, Sam choose to be Dog the Bounty Hunter... He is from Hawaii... I didn't even realizze he was from Hawaii and would never have thought to myself hmm... Hawaiian day Dog the Bounty Hunter fits(SOOOO FUNNY!!) She was going to be his wife but she couldn't get the ballons to stay in her shirt and her boobs just aren't big enough. So she put on her best Bounty Hunter outfit bandana in her hair and off she went... Not because she really cared to be part of spirit week she just didn't want to be in dress code. Never a dull moment with that girl.

I have definitely reaped the rewards of her schooling, I have a great hair cut and color (she is very good, just ask her haha) and I don't even have to pay for it. I am not going to lie I do kind of miss going to get "Zach-ified" but not enough to justify the trip to SLC and the price point of that Salon when I get a cut and color that is just as good or better for free!
I am so so so so so Proud of Sam and I can't wait until she gets her letter in the mail that is her ticket to freedom from Beauty School and the road to the ranks of the employed. It was a year well spent.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Name Change in the works??

As I mentioned in previous post my Brother and sister in law are having a new baby. My niece who is now 7 is very excited and has had several ideas for baby names. She is very funny in her choices, her first idea a few weeks ago was that she wants to name the new baby Bowzer or Mario because she loves Super Mario brothers on the wii. She also thought that the baby's name should be Mrs. Featherbottom. HILARIOUS... She is such a silly little girl.

But the funniest thing happened when we had the Congrats its a girl party. We were talking about baby names and what they were thinking now that they knew it was going to be a girl and Rita named off a few that she liked and Jared started laughing and said "Anastasia tell everyone what you want to change your name to?"

Completely dead pan she said "Mrs. Fartenoodle the Third" IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! Jared went on to tell us the story that he was teasing her and said that he was going to call her Mrs Fartenoodle and she added on the third and said she was okay with that and that it was a good idea to change her name. It was so silly!! What little girl is okay with changing her name to Mrs. Fartenoodle III????? It was so freaking funny...


My brother and sister in law are having a baby and they found out on Friday that IT'S A GIRL!!
Rita and my niece Anastasia are so pleased that it is a little girl, Jared on the other hand was really hoping that he would be able to even the playing field of girls vs boys in his house. Unfortunately he is still going to be out numbered.
Yesterday we had a HOORAY for a baby girl Pink Party to celebrate. It was very fun to hear how excited Anastasia is to have a little sister, and celebrate with the family with as much pink food as we could think of. We are a family that loves a party with a theme.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I didn't think that I would be a "Gleek"

Ok, so I haven't really ever watched Glee before the last few episodes. But I have to say that I have officially become a "Gleek" it is a fantastic show!! I love it so much!
The funniest thing thing is the reason I came across watching my new found favorite show... My Dad, (yes you read that right My Dad) LOVES Glee....
It is one of his new favorite shows, he likes to watch the episode where they win sectionals over and over on hulu because it "inspires" him.
It cracks me up and makes me smile that my Dad likes this silly show so much. He has always liked musicals and "Those kids can sing" I am so thankful that my he wanted to watch it one night when I was at his house. Otherwise I don't think I would have made time for it. BUT I LOVER Glee it is fantastic!